Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year's Resolution 2015

New Years 2015 Resolution
PS: 12/23/15 I made it, kept my resolution!

Not like any other.


I aim to listen to a new song, a song I’ve never heard before, a new song from an established band or a song from a band I’ve never heard before.  Why?  I want to get ready for the Kingdom.  What are you saying?

For a version 23 years later, same meaning and depth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axEyeurOMxw

Or this when I was only 25 years old:

I don’t want to get caught singing an old song. That is the song of funk. The song that those who oppress and oppose God want to sing as songs of conquest, success, overcoming.  But how long will we sing that song of the oppressors?  How long will I sing that song?  Don’t’ know. But I want to be silent during those songs. In protest to their singing, I remain silent.  I cannot sing their song.  I cannot even fake singing it.  Sing not for them.  For their victory march.  I want to be singing a new song.  Every week.  This year. The saints come marching in.

I will sing a new song.  Even if it is one I am not familiar with.  Even if it is one I am not comfortable singing.  I will sing a new song.  How long will I sing that old song?  As long as needed.  But I look forward to the new song.  I need a new song.  How Long? To sing this [old] song?

Don’t know. But in anticipation, I will sing a new song.  Can I do 52 new songs?  The effort will be worth the journey.  I am moving toward the Kingdom. Join me there. Sing the one thing that matters.
And everything else don't mean sh**!

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